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Using GenGIS to investigate the distribution of photorhodopsin genes around the Galapagos Islands (data courtesy of <Rob... who did we get this data from - Adrian?>).

Welcome to the Bioinformatics Software and Resources page.

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  • GenGIS: an application that allows users to combine digital map data with information about biological sequences collected from the environment. GenGIS provides a 3D graphical interface in which the user can navigate and explore the data, as well as a Python interface that allows easy scripting of statistical analyses using the Rpy libraries.
  • Radié: a tool that allows characters to be visualized against the background of a phylogenetic tree. The software includes several different visual and numeric representations of the ‘convexity’ of a given character, in other words the extent to which different character traits form distinct groups within the tree.
  • STAMP:

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