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244 Taxa Bacterial Supertree

244 taxa supertree.png

A recent presentation at iEvoBio 2012 demonstrated a 244-taxa bacterial SPR Supertree constructed from a subset of the data from the 159,905 prokaryotic phylogenetic trees from “Telling the Whole Story in a 10,000-Genome World” (PMID:21714939). The full trees are available at Dryad (doi:10.5061/dryad.gf39c8dc). To reconstruct this subset from the full dataset, you can use the -include_only option of spr_supertree with this text file of the chosen taxa and the parameters -allow_multi -support 0.8 -simple_unrooted. With the -valid_trees option, this will print out the trees and quit.

The constructed tree is available in newick format.