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Network Diversity is a software package for calculating beta diversity over split systems, a widely used class of implicit phylogenetic networks.



Network Diversity is freely available, open source software released under GNU GPL v3. A precompiled binary is provided for Windows and simple compilation instructions described for OSX and Linux.

Citing Network Diversity

If you use Network Diversity in your research, please cite:

Parks, D.H. and Beiko, R.G. Measuring community similarity with phylogenetic networks. Accepted to Mol. Biol. Evol., July, 2012.

Contact Information

Network Diversity is in active development and we are interested in discussing all potential applications of this software. We encourage you to send us suggestions for new features. Suggestions, comments, and bug reports can be sent to Donovan Parks (parks [at] or Robert Beiko (beiko [at] If reporting a bug, please provide as much information as possible and a simplified version of the data set which causes the bug. This will allow us to quickly resolve the issue.